My expertise

As a CG artist I developed a broad skill set, from modeling to final compositing.
I graduated from Supinfocom (France) in 2000, worked 2 years in France for several companies then I got hired at Blur Studio (California) where I ended up working as a CG supervisor on several projects. I then worked as a lighter and lead lighter on 8 features films for Dreamworks Animation. In 2011 I moved back to Europe (UK) and worked for The Mill and Framestore as a senior lighter

My Projects

I finally moved back to France in 2012 after 10 years abroad and worked as a CG supervisor for NightShift. As of right now I’m open to hear about any offers but I’m also working on a broad personal project mixing CG and photography (stay tuned since I might talk about it fairly soon and will need some support)

Your Projects

I’m definitly interested to hear about any job offers, short terms projects. So feel free to use the contact form to share your projects, offers, or even ask for advice or consulting.

My latest pictures

Chinatown coupleSurrounded by the rats of ParisSwansEntre Ciel et TerreLet me help you wash your dogSelling Umbrellas ?Off screen screenSummer in December

Latest (to be) Released Project