Brazil 2.0, official release

Brazil 2.0, official release

Finally Splutterish is coming back in the news headlines with the release of Brazil 2. I’ve been working on Brazil 1.2x at Blur Studio for more than 4 years and I’m really happy of this new version.

splutterfish Click on the logo to see the official release page

Here is a small and condensed list of the new features :
Overall Speed Improvement
3D Motion Blur Support
Displacement Support
Brazil r/s V2 Materials: New Features and Improvements

New Brazil r/s V2 Texture Maps (occlusion and SSS)
New Brazil r/s V2 Objects
Brazil r/s V2 Camera Improvements
Brazil r/s V2 Light Improvements
Improvements and Additions to Photon Map rendering and workflow
New Brazil r/s V2 Shadow Map

Brazil 2 blog : If you’re interested to see a little bit about what’s inside, how this second version works, take a look at the official tutorial page which is awesome.

I’ve been able to play a lot with the different beta version as I’m currently working on a DVD for the Gnomon Workshop focusing on Brazil 2 materials. My only regret is that volumetric shaders are not yet implemented ( unless I haven’t found them yet , sic) . Beside that this new version is a lot greater than the previous one, the speed improvement is really noticeable. I know that many are a little bit sarcastic about it releasing so late compare to the outstanding competitors, and with no revolutionary features. Well I have to say you shouldn’t choose a software only for features but also because you like the workflow coming with it , the flexibility of the tool.

Once I will be done with the DVD I will publish a really in depth review of this new version of Brazil.