Brazil Materials Library on

Brazil Materials Library on

Brazil 2 has just been released and splutterfish team have decided to put a material library online. This is just starting and it needs more contributions, I invite you to take a look and participate.

As I’m working on this Gnomon DVD about Brazil 2 materials I decided to share a few materials. The DVD will include a complete library (about 100 original materials )

Here are some previews:

Glass_Mat BloodCell_Mat Carpaint_Mat Glass_Frosted_Mat Black_Glazed_Mat Pearl_Mat

Download them on the Splutterfish Brazil 2 material library
PS : The rendertimes you can see on the footer of the renders are not always right ( anything below 2 minutes is probably wrong )

Let me know if you have any idea of a challenging material that I can try to do and add to the DVD later on.

4 Responses to Brazil Materials Library on

  • Phantom

    weew 9 minutes render for the black shader seems a bit too long :D
    Especially when you read 35 seconds render for the glass strange
    OMG 30 minutes the pearl !!! and 4 minutes for blood !!
    Pourquoi pas the pearl shader, i can guess it uses sss but it still remain too long

  • Zeb

    lol, you’re forcing me to rewrite the same comment I left on the french version of the post :). I will made it shortly. The template scene from splutterfish is not being optimized for speed at all, but for quality :
    GI with 2 bounces and irradiance, 5 reflection/refraction bounces, SSS with high sampling, 2 area lights with high sampling etc…
    Then the render time of 35 sec for the glass is wrong as mentionned in the post concerning anything below 2 minutes. And then for the black shader and the pearl the glossy reflection are making the render a lot longer…. and yes SSS setting on the pearl mat are quite high. Those mats are really optimizable juste by dropping them in a more simple light rig.

  • Alejandro Hernandez

    Please I have a question in other way, i am new in use of Brazl and I would like to know how to install the materials and scripts brazil from brazil’s libraries, can I copy directly to the respective folders these items or is there another way? thanks for attention

  • shamtest

    I can’t seem to fully load this page from my droid!!