Life Drawing 1st month …so bad !!

Life Drawing 1st month …so bad !!

There is one thing I really like about Dreamworks : they provide for free a lot of extra events, classes and services you don’t have in many studios. I decided to join the life drawing classes last month. This class is a 3 hours weekly session teached by Karl Gnass .

Let’s face it, I’m REALLY bad at that, I just hope to make some progress and that’s why I will keep posting those galleries monthly, in order to put pressure on myself and also to see if I will effectively progress. If for any reason you think those bad drawings are polluting this blog more than anything, thanks to let me know or maybe try to help me out and give me some advices :). So far I know that my proportion are not great, and I have a hard time to represent volume in space, everything look too flat and I pay too much attention to little details rather than the action lines and the general posing.

Life_001.jpg Life_002.jpg Life_003.jpg

Life_004.jpg Life_005.jpg Life_006.jpg

Life_007.jpg Life_008.jpg Life_009.jpg