Life Drawing 2nd month …still bad !!

Life Drawing 2nd month …still bad !!

Second post about life drawing, is there really not any progress ?

I decided to join the life drawing classes offered by Dreamworks. This class is a 3 hours weekly session teached by Karl Gnass . Let’s face it, I’m REALLY bad at that, I just hope to make some progress and that’s why I will keep posting those galleries monthly, in order to put pressure on myself and also to see if I will effectively progress.

Life_010.jpg Life_011.jpg Life_012.jpg Life_013.jpg

Life_014.jpg Life_015.jpg Life_016.jpg Life_017.jpg

Life_018.jpg Life_019.jpg Life_020.jpg Life_021.jpg

2 Responses to Life Drawing 2nd month …still bad !!

  • Debo Hobo

    I think your work is pretty good.

  • evilwoobie

    those are nice sketches! you have the gift….