Modeling : Work in Progress

As I said in the previous post about Brazil 2, I’m working on a DVD for Gnomon about materials …  with Brazil 2

In order to illustrate the lecture I had to model a few objects , and also a head to cover the skin shader materials As it started to get together I figured out that I haven’t published any new personal content on my website for a really long time. Even longer since I posted a character. So please feel free to leave comments


2 Responses to Modeling : Work in Progress

  • cptvideo

    Heya Zeb, Nice model :) And nice blog — I just found it via your thread on cgtalk. sk…

  • Zeb

    Hey Cptvdeo :) thanks for the nice words.
    Makes me very happy to finally get one comment on the english section, especially coming from you !!. The french version of the posts is receiving a lot more feedback, maybe just because my english is still really bad.
    Do you think this head is a good candidate to show off in the brazil gallery ? ( once I will have tweaked him a little bit more )