Stop bookmarking, start RSS feeding !!

Stop bookmarking, start RSS feeding  !!

Any RSS Feed user, you can skip this post, even though I encourage you to suscribe to my feed.

Well don’t stop bookmarking blogs right away, But there is another way to follow your favorite blogs simply because their content is separated from the layout. That give us an opportunity to use different themes / colors / layout easily, and also to share the content of every post through a “RSS Feed”


So , what is a RSS feed ???

RSS Feeds are contained in a XML file which is embedding the mainstream of any entry published on a blog. ( text, link to pictures or videos) This file is using the simplest layout possible and can be easily shared or altered in order to be distributed outside of the main blog. To take advantage of that you need a RSS reader application which will offer the option to suscribe to as many blog as you want. This way you will get a direct access to all your prefered blog in one place and without relying on a tons of bookmarks that you might be tired to check regularly. The RSS reader will keep you updated about any new entry published on your favorite blogs , on top of that the publisher will know how many people are really reading his publications.

You’d like to suscribe to my feed ? Here is a few feed reader available to you: Google Reader,


My Yahoo

All of them have an icon on the right navigation panel of this blog. I prefer to use Google reader , not only because I’m a google addict, but also because you can easily add it to your iGoogle homepage. Ok I’m a google addict.

Another solution is to click the “entries feed” in my navigation bar, that will pop up a window with a maximum of options to suscribe.

Only problem I had for now : both english and french version of the posts are published in the same feed. I’m trying to get that fix soon.

Voila, sorry for writing such a long post about a technology that many are already using, but for those who doesn’t know about RSS I think it might be helpfull.

3 Responses to Stop bookmarking, start RSS feeding !!

  • paranoiaparadise

    I heard that not many people use rss-feeds though…

  • Zath

    I’m really not sure how many people outside of us bloggers and those more techy inclined actually use RSS even if they know what it means – a shame, but I think people will keep on relying on bookmarks and Google to visit their favourite sites.

  • Zeb

    Hey Zath, not sure either but damn your RSS is pretty filled compare to mine ;) so far I doubt you have only bloggers reading you.