Take a glimpse at Dreamworks campus

Take a glimpse at Dreamworks campus

To clarify, there are two facilities/location working on Dreamworks projects and they work collaboratively.

Dreamworks / PDI, which is located in RedWood City (San Francisco area) which has done Shrek (1, 2 and 3), Antz, and Madagascar. Dreamworks Animation, which is located in Glendale (Los Angeles area) which has done Prince of Egypt, El Dorado, Sinbad, Spirit, Shark Tale, Flushed away, Over the Hedge and Bee Movie.

I work in Glendale, the campus is a great working place, very pleasant and relaxing. There are ping-pong tables, foosball game and other video games room …

Here are some pictures of Dreamworks Animation and my office which is pathetically empty.

Campus 01 Campus 02
Campus 03 Cubical

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  • Mikhail

    WOW i would love to work over there….

  • persian

    good for you :|