So here we go, I finally decided to start writing a blog on my website.

Let’s try to summarize my background : I’m Sebastien chort ( many call me by my nickname : Zeb). I just turn into my thirties, I’m married and have a 15 months daughter. I’m a CG artist with a specialization for ligthing ( even though I’m kind of generalist , check out my portfolio) I’m living in Los Angeles since 2003 when Blur Studio brought me from oversea to work for them, and I get another position at Dreamworks since May 2007.

I will write posts about my professional experience, my personal artwork, and anything related to the artistic fields I like ( movies, graphic novels, cultural events, artistic orientated blogs etc… )

Any suggestions concerning what subject you want me to treat is welcome. I’d be more than happy to develop posts answering specifics questions about my work or the companies I worked for.

See you soon Zeb