Artist : Romain Segaud

To break the rule, here is an artist who became director (music video and tv commercials, feature film soon, who knows?)

Romain is 27 years old, lives in Paris and works for Passion Pictures. He graduated from Supinfocom (2 promotions later than me) where of course I met him. He’s very nice and enthusiastic, but be carefull when talking about movies, I remember Romain being really critical and passionated about it ! Well this is from what I remember at school…

Take a look at his website where you can discover all his work. I love the overall graphic style of it.

Just so you remember he also directed the student film : Tim Tom (co-directed with Christel Pougeoise) which received a great feedback from festivals: main prize at Imagina, jury prize at Siggraph, official selection at Sundance and Annecy)

Romain Segaud