Brazil 2 DVD with Gnomon Workshop

After many weeks of hard work until September, I’m happy to announced the release of my first DVD with Gnomon Workshop The subject of interest is focused on creating materials with the rendering engine Brazil 2 for 3dsMax. The DVD would be helpfull as well for any Brazil 1 users and would be fit as well to be used along with Brazil Rio Edition (the free version of brazil)

I apologize in advance for my bad english which is coming with a really strong french accent…


Let me detail the content of the DVD. There are hours of lecture going through all the different materials and textures coming with Brazil 2, and an overview of the general workflow. And I added a practical example in order to experiment all the knowledge shared in the lecture. The exercise consisted to reproduce in CG a still life photography set that I did, you can see the final CG render below. The picture is highly perfectible, but the purpose of this practical example was mainly didactic.

The DVD come with a browsable library of 400 reference pictures, 150 tileable textures and 100 materials.

All that content is usable for professional or personal projects. If you’re not so interested about the lecture on the DVD you can buy (soon) the material library , the tileable textures or the photos references separately on Below are some examples of materials coming from this library that I share for free throught the online material library from the offical Brazil website . Those are adding to some other materials I shared some months ago.

Pencil Stroke Satin Water Wood Ebony Metal_Corroded

If you’re interested in this materials library I encourage you ( of course) to buy either the DVD or the standalone material library. For anyone planning to buy the DVD I hope not to bore you too much with my long monologue and that you will find the content helpful.

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  • Nico

    Awesome !!!
    congrats !!! :)

  • plombier

    thx, it’s good !!

  • jeevzsingh

    hi there im loving this render! ive currently been flitting between renders after becoming an intermediate at rhino4.0. i’ve been looking at maxwell, Vray, kerythea bla bla…. Im in with flamingo and maxwell takes too long for photorealistic renders and came to know that brzil was marketed and integrated for Rhino successfully (almost as if it was always made for rhino). I would just like to know what are the renderring times for really nice sexy looking renders and what is the learning curve like? any ideas

  • sufail andros

    thx, it’s good !!

  • corporate photographer

    I ought to say that it is my first time viewing your blog. Now this is the kinda of stuff i like to read about. Great website. I just finished mine and i was looking for some ideas and you gave me a few. Great read!