From Kung Fu Panda to Madagascar

From Kung Fu Panda to Madagascar

Kung Fu Panda comes to its end of production, another two weeks to fix the last small technical problems and give a hand on a few extra shots. And the least I can say is that the final movie will be a great success, all the ingredients are here and everybody in the studio believes fervently in this success However a slight disappointment that the project was not realized in 3D stereoscopic: indeed we have had the right to a projection last week showing a sequence of Kung Fu Panda and two other from Monsters Vs Aliens.The sequence of Kung Fu Panda was very dynamic and the addition of the stereoscopic 3d was extremely impressive.

To add another layer of positiveness here is a great short review from Cartoon Brew on Kung Fu Panda, it’s a great surprise to get such feedback from them as they’re usually really tough on Dreamworks movies.
This film is perhaps a turning point for the studio, I think the following films “How to train your dragon “or” Master Mind “have the potential to get extremely good critics from both the public and the pros as well.

Arriving at the end of this project, Dreamworks has renewed my contract and I’ll start in mid-May on Madagascar, The crate escape. This project would be for a really short term because the film is scheduled to be done in mid-September for a release in the USA in November 2008.

I am quite pleased to avoid Monsters vs. Aliens for a time because of the complexity of the project, but it is highly probable that I’ll join their team right after Madagascar is done. I’m not going to complain, I like that projects are turning around quickly, just hope that the pace will not be absolutely crazy.

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  • Kung Fu Panda

    You’ve made a typo in the post title. It should be MadAgascar not Madgascar.

  • venomgfx

    hey, I don’t know which shot in Kung Fu Panda have you worked on but every single one is perfect, love the art/colors/mood that the lighting/compositing achieves in that movie. it’s superb, whatever you did, you did it awesome (judging by your demoreel -gosh how i love the lighting/compo here:… .. sheesh, that one and the long shot of the fields and the little bird looking the far away explosion near the castle, the best shots i’ve seen in long time.) keep up your work, i’m getting your RSS now, will follow you closely! :)

  • Zeb

    Hey Venom thanks a lot for your kind words :)
    I checked out your website, you have a lot of great work and character design. Welcome aboard, I’d be happy to see more active readers on my blog…

  • venomgfx

    hey, I bet you have a lot of active readers, they are just too shy to comment :)
    count me in!, your rss are already in my reader.
    by the way, i got here from the big buck bunny blog was just reading the comments, (i didn’t work in the movie, just helped a bit with the DVD menus, now im working at the Blender Insititute in the open game, Yo Frankie!, which you can take a look at ).