Heavy Metal the movie: Fincher, Eastman, Blur and Paramount

Heavy Metal the movie: Fincher, Eastman, Blur and Paramount

I am very happy this info is now official as I knew about it more than two months ago without being allowed to talk about it:) But what info?

Paramount is launching the Heavy Metal project, a CG animated movie with 8 or 9 sequences (short films to be clearer) which will be compiled together as a feature film. The whole thing is inspired by the famous 70’s magazine of the same name ! The film will be Rated R, and therefore intended for adult audiences, which make a lot of sense regarding the content “sex, drug and rock and roll” of the magazine.

HeavymovieEven better news is the list of the project contributors : David Fincher will be directing one of the shorts, Kevin Eastman (inventor of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, co-founder and publisher of Heavy Metal Mag) will conduct another and Tim Miller (Founder of Blur Studio) will direct his own short as well. This means that the entire work will be done at Blur Studio and so the project will surely be the first feature film for the studio (maybe in a competition race with Rockfish, but I bet Heavy Metal would come first). It is a great news for my former colleagues and company, such a project is really tailored for them!

I’ve seen very quickly some concept art on this project and it looked very interesting, with a broad range of style for each shorts. That make sense to me as the magazine is publishing more and more graphic novels from Europe which are stylized way differently than american comics in general. If I still know my maths they would need 5 or 6 directors to complete the director’s team, so I’m eagerly waiting to meet with Tim again and get some info about it.

I have no doubt , this opus will be far beyond what were the first animated films released in 1981 and 2000 related to the heavy metal universe. This is a really exciting project in my opinion, especially from Blur point of view.

Go Blur Go

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  • Nico

    cool, can’t wait to see the differents results, very exiting indeed :)

  • PopHeroFigures

    Not only was the cartoon in 80’s provocative, I loved the music.