Kung Fu Panda Latest Trailer

Kung Fu Panda Latest Trailer

I just figured out that a new trailer came out for Kung Fu Panda, 3 weeks ago :) .

Well I was in vacation at this time which is why I didn’t post about it. Anyway, I was happy to see that one of my shot is in this trailer (TaiLung, the lepard jumping in slow motion toward the cam, at 1:00). It’s always cool to see a shot you’ve worked on in a trailer, so I decided to mention it :D (happy lighter) I wanted to show the trailer embedded in the post but if you want a better quality than the poor YouTube compression just go see the trailer on the official website.

Movie will be released on june 6th… 10 more days :)

2 Responses to Kung Fu Panda Latest Trailer

  • Nico

    Well, I just receive the ART OF KFP from amazon, and i must say, it’s awesome…
    can’t wait for the movie, even if, you know me, i can’t wait for Wall.E much more :P…

  • Zeb

    I’m looking forward to seeing Wall-E as well. Beside the deception of the Eve design, I’m sure the plot, the emotion, and the movie itself would be outstanding. not even to mention the animation. But yeah so far the Artbook of KFP is great and I’m confident that people will see in KFP one of the best movie from DWA. Cartoon Brew compared it to the Incredibles which is a huge credit.