Life Drawing 3rd month : worst than last month !

Life Drawing 3rd month : worst than last month !

It’s been a little over a month and a half since the last post on my drawing lessons. Because of the Christmas break, there was no classes and this interruption is obviously the only reason that my drawings are of poor quality. Seriously I hesitated to post because It was difficult for me to find sketches showing any progress. Let’s say I’ve been tired and I had a slight difficulty concentrating lately . On the other hand notice that the last 4 pictures of the series are 30 seconds speed posing (the rest being 5, 10 or 15 minutes), and finally I find them more interesting , maybe I should dig more in this direction doing really quick sketches even during longer pose.

I decided to join the life drawing classes offered by Dreamworks. This class is a 3 hours weekly session teached by Karl Gnass . Let’s face it, I’m REALLY bad at that, I just hope to make some progress and that’s why I will keep posting those galleries monthly, in order to put pressure on myself and also to see if I will effectively progress.

Life_022.jpg Life_023.jpg Life_024.jpg

Life_025.jpg Life_026.jpg Life_027.jpg

Life_028.jpg Life_029.jpg Life_030.jpg

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