Life Drawing : After 6 months, no real improvement !

Life Drawing : After 6 months, no real improvement !

As you might have observed I’m taking more and more time to post the results of my drawing classes. Well, for the last few months I participated in the courses with less attendance than at the beginning, and certainly I do not necessarily spend the entire 3 hours of the class in order to preserve a little bit of family life during those evening. But it is clear to me that my drawings are not showing any particular improvements. I think I really need to study my anatomy books again and to focus a little more on theory as well as participating to the class. Another great excuse: drawing at the end of a full work day does not offer the best conditions to draw. So I promised to myself to relax a little before joining the class. Let see next time I will post if there is any sort of progress.

I decided to join the life drawing classes offered by Dreamworks. This class is a 3 hours weekly session teached by Karl Gnass . Let’s face it, I’m REALLY bad at that, I just hope to make some progress and that’s why I will keep posting those galleries monthly, in order to put pressure on myself and also to see if I will effectively progress.

Life_031.jpg Life_032.jpg Life_033.jpg

Life_034.jpg Life_035.jpg Life_036.jpg

Life_037.jpg Life_038.jpg Life_039.jpg

3 Responses to Life Drawing : After 6 months, no real improvement !

  • code/crzyfkr

    i see improvement! its in the proportions and confidence of the lines. having such a heavy schedule doesnt allow too much relaxation time for drawing so dont be too hard on yourself. besides, art is in the eye of the beholder ;)

  • Shiraz

    Hi there, I paid a lot of attention to your “life drawing” posts. I am a 3d artist and I decided to improve my drawing skills a while ago. I am highly interested in life drawing and I am really really, but really- bad at it. I just can’t make it look right. I do not see any progress in my drawings too and I find it to be very frustrating. Unfortunately, I do not draw well (enough) in order to give you any advice regarding your drawings. However, I can refer you to some information that I’ve found very useful to me; I recommend the book “Force: the key to capturing life through Drawing” by Mike Mattesi. My drawings are usually very stiff and you can tell I pay too much attention to the contour and the proportions of the body. However, this book teaches you how to think in the terms of energy- like drawing what the model is doing and what is the direction of the force in the body. The results are very dynamic drawings- very “alive”. It is amazing what the author can draw with just a few lines. Also, I recommend reading Glenn Vilppu’s lectures on (“Vilppu’s drawing how to”)- at least the first 2 lectures: “never underestimate the power of life drawing” and “vilppu drawing online: Gesture”. Lastly, there is an interesting post in the blog “Temple of the seven golden camels” (Mark Kennedy) that is worthwhile reading : I hope this information can assist you.

  • Markus

    There’s improvement! keep doing it!