Short Movie : Michael Dudok de Wit

Short Movie : Michael Dudok de Wit

I could be starting a long presentation of Dudok de Wit, and those two shorts, express comments about the emotions those shorts brought me the first time I saw them, but the best is probably to just let you watch them and get back on their content later.
Two true jewels of traditionnal animation from a wonderfull director.

Father and daughter need no explanation, no comment, if you haven’t felt anything then that’s it! you missed it, too bad… Let’s speak about the Monk and the Fish

This second short is probably the first than opened my eyes on the huge ability of animated short movies to treat such deep and meaningfull subjects. I was 17 and I was amazed by the simplicity of the short and how complex its message was.

One comment on youtube is covering he subject really well :

“I think the fish is a metaphor for the truth of faith. The monk finally “see” the truth and try to catch it. He is near but more he tries more he fails. Try to explain to others to find help, but it is impossible. He is obsessed and finally he realize that the truth of faith can’t be catch, just followed and embraced. When he embrace the fish he discover the freedom, piety and peace.”

I won’t say this metaphor is linked to religion, this is really more about faith as a general matter. Probably comparable IMHO to the meaning of the alchemist from Paulo Coelho.