Short Movies : Migrations

Short Movies : Migrations

I wanted to share this “old” short film, which is memorable for me.

In fact this film was major of promotion during my first year at Supinfocom. Constantin presented his film at the end of the year Jury, and he looked really dizzy and pressured, you could have felt how afraid he was of the judgement from the teacher and professional in the Jury. It was a shock to realize how much investing all your energy in a project could cost to you. Obviously Constantin was really tired and finished up his movie on the last minute.
The projection was such a success that you could feel everyone in the theater was really moved. It’s really a special remembrance, and probably the first time that a dramatic short film touched me.

Well it looks really old now and the subject has been treated a million time and better , but the film is  ten years old , has been made with 3ds4 under dos system, by a single artist and in a very short schedule (about 5 months).
It’s strange to see that the film has lost a little of its magic, but I’m sure watching it again on the big screen and not in any small compressed video format could arise again the emotion I had.

Director : Constantin Chamski
Production : Supinfocom

2 Responses to Short Movies : Migrations

  • Nico

    Funny ,i was watching it two weeks ago with the same feeling, explaining how impressive it was back in time to some friends… hehehe

  • marco

    very nice