Short Movies : Totalitarianism, Wars, Revolutions …

Short Movies : Totalitarianism, Wars, Revolutions …

These are themas that european animation movies tend to illustrate really often. Here is a selection of 4 movies treating the subject brilliantly and with some great and strong graphic style
Let’s debate on the message/morale of those movies in the comments as they might be interpreted in many different ways.

La marche des sans-nom
Directors : Lucas Vigroux, Nicolas Laverdure, Jean Constantial
Production : Supinfocom

Director : Georgios Cherouvim

Le Processus
Directors : Philippe Grammaticopoulos, Xavier de L’hermuziere
Production : Supinfocom

A fourth short which is a lot less dark and way more cartoony, just to get a little less depressed, or not ?


Directors : Daniel Martinez Lara