This blog is one year old, so what ?

This blog is one year old, so what ?

One year ago I posted my really first entry on this blog, and then I really started to publish regularly during fall. The report for that one year is mostly positive : over 200 000 visitors for a little more than 50 posts, 125+ feed readers, but less than 100 comments on the whole blog, which compared to the french version of the blog is a really low ratio ( on the french version over 70 000 visitors left about 250 comments).

I’m wondering what could cause the lack of participation and interaction. I can’t think my bad english skills could be the only reason. And getting some interaction with my readers is really something important to keep up the motivation and feed this blog. Big thanks to you that are reading me regularly !

So, as I want to better satisfy my few readers, I wish I could gather your views about the content, tutorials and other items you would like to see here. Let me know what are your thoughts and what post you liked the most during the past weeks.

Here is what’s on my list for the time being:

I have two or three other ideas, but I would be happy to collect your opinion as well.

8 Responses to This blog is one year old, so what ?

  • Nico

    My guess is that in France, with the help of 3dvf, and the fact that your experience make dream way more people than here, it’s kinda natural to have more visitors… I had way more visitors too when I was writing blogs in French than in English, but I decided to change and write in English for me more than for others, to try to improve my really bad English writing skill… so you should continue too! :).

  • Zeb

    Hey Nico Actually I have way more visitors on the english version than the french version , 3 times more … But the participation thru the comments is really little. And Blogging somehow is about interaction, otherwise I would simply run a website ;).

  • uncouth

    I read you.  and I’m all the way in India.  Bonne chance!

  • Cheryl

    Here is another comment. I read your blog. Awesome stuff.

  • Robin

    salut zeb!  i read this and subscribe as well.  well written and great subject matter.  looking forward to your articles on pipeline/workflow, especially 3d rendering for compositing. a possibility about the lack of english comments: perhaps it’s more common over here to do as i do, just read the post in the feed reader.  doesn’t distract from the quality of your blog, just not as convenient to post a comment.

  • Zeb

    @ uncouth and Cheryl
    thanks a lot for your support, it really encourage me to continue writing :) And don’t be shy to participate on the futures entries of the blog ;) @ Robin
    I will work on a tutorial about rendering passes late august/september…
    You’re right many Rss readers aren’t participating as much as others… but also maybe I didn’t linked enough with english forums, or other blogs in english. I think I’ve been creating more links this way with the frenchies…
    And oh, thanks a lot for your comment about this blog being “well written” It really touches me, even though I still think I have a long way to go before feeling really comfy with the language.

  • mantas

    Hei i just found your blog. and i think i have a small theory about low coment number in english version.
    so if you whant to coment on your blog,
    you have to fill folowing fields:
    Nom ou pseudo :
    Adresse email (ne sera pas affichée) :
    Site web (facultatif) :
    from a first glance one might think: ah, yet another blog in some vired language :)
    well, thats just a thoght.

  • Zeb

    Hey Mantas I think this is a good remark, but so far if you have any other language than french in your preference languages then it should automatically switch the text to english.
    anyway I norder to avoid any further confusion I will hardcode it :)