What's Up ? Madagascar 2 and Monsters Vs Aliens

What's Up ? Madagascar 2 and Monsters Vs Aliens

It’s been a long time since I last updated this blog, I apologize for that and I will try to keep updating weekly from now on…

In the first place, I’d like to express my satisfaction about the election of Barack Obama in the country I live in, it makes me for confident and it profoundly moved me to follow the election night and speeches. Since 2003, so 5 years under the Bush administration, I can tell you that even for me a little French non-citizen it feels like a complete change of direction. I have not any huge expectation, but to see someone open to the dialog at the head of the US just made me feel a lot relieved. End of the policital chapter

Beside that, Madagascar Escape 2 Africa is done and will be released tomorrow November 7th. Of course I recommend you to get out to the theater with your family and watch it. That was a really entertaining movie, simple and without any pretentiousness, that I had the chance to see with my 2 years old daughter, it was her first movie ever on the big screen. She loved it, and so I did just by watching her dancing on the music of the ending credits, after she got scared by all the impressive shots or after she laughed intensely during the slapstick jokes. That was a truly moving moment to see my daughter having fun with a movie I contributed to.

In the meantime, The Gnomon DVD I was working on ( about brazil 2 materials and 3dsMax) will be released really soon. I will soon write a post about it and share a few free material samples coming from the library that will be on the DVD (100 materials, tons of references and tileables textures).

And finally a little update on what makes me busy for the last month and a half: Monsters Vs Aliens. The movie is coming along, there are a lot of really nice sequences and I need to say that’s probably the hugest team of lighter ever with more than 100 people on both campus. I saw a screening last week, and the least I can tell is that the stereoscopic 3d is really good and will truly be a selling point for the movie. I won’t talk too much about the storyline until I see the movie finalized, but I invite you to have a look at the trailer below :