Master Piece : La maison en petit cubes

Master Piece : La maison en petit cubes

Well, this blog has been idle for a few months now, and probably for a few more weeks. But I can’t resist to share with you that wonderful short movie who won the academy award this year for best animated short movie. Beware that’s just one of the best short I experienced, I hope you will enjoy as well.

Director : Kunio Kato
Production : Robots

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  • Cholo


  • Retort

    thank you for this. i was very interested in seeing this in it’s entirety. masterful.

  • Sunny Kharbanda

    Thanks for sharing, Zeb! I really wanted to see this short, and found it thanks to your blog. It’s really moving and elegant. I’m glad people are creating such work even today, and only wish for more.

  • Kat Kent

    THis made me cry! And it’s great to see you posting again.

  • John DM

    thanks for posting this. I’ve left a few rooms behind me over the years, too

  • ruth mc

    How did I miss this exquisite film till today. What else has been produced by this genius? I am an artist and am inspired to do some work pertaining to this amazing film.

  • asko

    It’s unbearable to watch… the emotion is too great…