Back ! What’s Up ?

Back ! What’s Up ?

After 6 months of interruption the blog is alive again, and the whole website has been updated, migrated to wordpress using a brand new theme, I hope you will like it!
Please update your bookmarks or add the blog to your feed reader.

So, I’ve been really busy with some lead lighting work on Shrek forever after, Megamind, and now on Puss in Boots.

I will keep that post really short, as it’s intent is mostly to give you the word about the general update, and I will start writing here once or twice a month I think. In the mean time if you haven’t been yet to the theater to check out Megamind, here is the trailer… Honestly that trailer isn’t a great representation of the movie itself, which I enjoyed very much !

See you soon

3 Responses to Back ! What’s Up ?

  • Fred

    Un bon retour Zeb! Toujours un plaisir de lire vos billets et apprécier les images mises en ligne!
    Bonne continuation! Au plaisir de vous lire!

  • mim.Armand

    Je suis entierment d’accord avec Fred! :D
    Bon retour, ;)
    toujours c’est un plaiseir a lire votre blog, keep it up s’il vous plait! :P


  • Alf

    Merci pour ces billets toujours aussi intéressant !
    Vraiment sympa ce thème wordpress… Il est gratuit?