Blur and Digic latest cinematics

Blur and Digic latest cinematics

My fellow blurians just released a totally insane cinematic for the game “Batman Arkham City”. Not sure if I’m too tired, but the first time I saw it I closed the movie after a 40 seconds thinking it was a new trend to create live action footage (with matte painting/CG environments). Basically the project realism succeeded to bluff me. After a second vision of the trailer, sure thing that’s a CG product, and some shots are really noticeable being CG. But damn, can’t believe I got bluffed on those incredible first 30 second of footage.

Well done guys !! by the way Derron did the captain voice, right ? :)

As a bonus and to share what’s happening on the Cinematic front, here is another totally amazing trailer for Mass Effect 3 from Digic (Hungary)

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  • Phil Ferriere

    Technically, it’s definitely not a bad trailer… but what are you learning about Batman that you don’t already know? In my mind, a good trailer should be emotionally compelling. The only way to get there is through character reveals and exciting story developments. Batman is… Bruce Wayne. Who doesn’t know that? What’s Arkham City about? Well, I can’t really tell because this trailer is about a guy whose ass has been kicked by Batman and is (apparently) tortured by his own bad-ass boss (how does that even make sense?). For a good selection of last year’s trailers, take a look at this page ( for some truly involving cinematics. 1UP.COM really gets it: it’s all about story and character…