The third and the seventh by Alex Roman

The third and the seventh by Alex Roman

Well, I know, I know, I’m not giving lots of news and the blog is quite dead… And I still have the same good old explanation : a lot of work ( I got promoted as a lead lighter, and we’re wrapping up How to train your dragon for the next few weeks before helping out Shrek 4 team for the last few months) and some personal changes. But that still doesn’t remove my obligation to wish you the best for this new year and so on. Well I wish mainly for you that you already have seen Avatar which I truly believe is a HUGE game changer for our industry and it’s expansion beyond the usual cartoon animation features and sfx fields.

As a “present” to start this new year, let me share the latest crazy short that blow my mind, a complete “tour de force” made by one single spanish artist named Alex Roman. This is a fantastic 12 minutes short movie showing of magnificent architecture, but most impressive is the fact that this is a FULL CG movie (beside the character). It has been made with 3dsMax and Vray

Enjoy that phenomenal piece of art and please check it out in HD on the Vimeo website


Here is the making of, certifying the full CG claim :)

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  • Dorian

    I’d seen it too and it’s really impressive! (Better I’d ever seen for ArchViz I suppose…)

    But to fully appreciate it, you MUST see the differents making of he made because all his techniques are very very “simple” and could be good point for those that would try to do the same! ;)