Cylew – Survivor Music Video

Cylew – Survivor Music Video

Last year a few month before I left Los Angeles, I had some friends visiting me from France. Both are musicians and we talked about making a music video for her new upcoming album. That was just perfect I just had bought a new camera who’s perfect for shooting(Panasonic GH2).

So that usual question came up, what could be the best place to shoot a music video around LA ? Advices and a little research made us land on the shore of the Salton Sea (check out that video at the end of the post it’s a striking story).

So here is the result, feel free to comment on it, but make sure if you like the music to give as much support to Cylew, she really deserves it !!

A few more links to Cylew’s work :
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Previous Album Not so sleeping, not so beauty (On Sale)

Some pictures of the next album and from the shooting “backstage”

A great video about Salton Sea