Going Back Home

Going Back Home

Is someone there ? anyone ?
Not sure if there is anyone reading this blog anymore, but since I wish to bring it back to life I guess it’s worth asking. Just leave a comment to show your alive.

Allright, this is just a quick post to share my life briefly for the past year.
Last summer my family and I took the decision to leave California and go back to Europe. It was a great journey but after 8 years abroad you really start to miss some of your roots. I left Dreamworks after 4 years and 8 feature films ( amazed me how many movies I worked on in such a short time) and I relocated to London. I worked at The Mill and then at Framestore on a great feature film called Gravity by uber talented director Alfonso Cuaron. But as close as UK can be from France it’s still doesn’t feel as home for us.

So,  that’s it after almost 10 years we gonna settle back home this month !!

Hello Paris !

To celebrate I’m happy to share my latest reel, it kind of summarize my professional experience during that journey… Oh wait, that’s what a demo reel is :)

5 Responses to Going Back Home

  • Boris

    yeah… I m still here …

  • Zeb

    Yeah Boris, at least I’m not alone.
    Once I’m settled in Paris I’ll update the blog on a regular basis

  • Craig

    Eyes on Zeb: how long before he returns to Hotel-California…

  • Zeb

    Hey Craig, is it Mr Craig Brown talking ? =)
    howdy ?

  • craig

    ha good memory!
    I forget so many names, only remember faces.