Something else

Something else


It’s been such a long time.

Over the course of the last two years I jumped from company to company, trying to find the right place to settle but I have to say that my recent passion for photography has brought me more satisfaction and fulfillment than CG… Not sure if it’s because I like to discover new territories or just because I’m getting bored with spending too much time behind the computer.

Anyway since Flickr has changed it’s interface and it’s a lot more sweet I couldn’t resist to create a gallery there and share my pictures, I thought you might want to take a look as well ;)

For the technical aspect, I used a wide range of cameras and lenses (Panasonic GH2 / Olympus EM5 / Fuji X100 / Hasselblad 500C)

All pictures are post treated with Lightroom.

Some picks of my pics here :

Back to film in CreteDunesMetroTourists shoppingLittle Tokyo LAOh BoyBetterFeel better thumbLA Train Station 02

and the full stream on flickr :

I hope you’ll like some of it since I think I will link my flickr account to this wordpress blog to make it more alive and post pictures on a regular basis, would you mind ?