My expertise

As a CG artist I developed a broad skill set, from modeling to final compositing.I graduated from Supinfocom (France) in 2000, worked 2 years in France for several companies then I got hired at Blur Studio (California) where I ended up working as a CG supervisor on several projects.I\’m actually working for Dreamworks Animation as a Lead Lighter.

My Projects

I\’ve just finished my work on Megamind, and I work now on “Puss in boots” which really seems to be promising. The look development on that project is really amazing and exciting…On the other hand, I keep stacking up ideas in my block note that I never had the opportunity or time to develop as a personal project. The frustration to not create anything outside of my work grew so much, that I reached the threshold. So keep an eye on the blog as I might land some personal work anytime soon, maybe …

Your Projects

I\’m actually under contract with Dreamworks, but I\’m definitly interested to hear from you about any opportunities related to my field, as I\’m still not able to forecast the future of events. So feel free to use the contact form to share your projects, offers, or even ask for advice or consulting.

Latest Released Project